Life Luminescent – Short Story

Life Luminescent is a short story, originally an entry submission to the XPRIZE competition, exploring a unique vision of the not too distant future.

While en route from Tokyo to San Francisco on board ANA Flight 008, Kaira Winters is woken by a strange sensation.  From her window she catches a glimpse of a shadow veiling the stars.  Unaware that anything has changed, she will soon discover her world is no longer the same.

You can read the story here: Life Luminescent

A Seasonal Endeavor – Short Story

A Seasonal Endeavor is a fictional account concerning the unknown author of the mysterious Voynich manuscript.

The story takes place in the rural countryside of 15th Century Northern Italy, during the Italian Renaissance.  The tale begins when a stranger arrives, out of the blue, at an isolated farmstead to offer his services to the poor owner and his family.  During his sojourn, he continuous to work on his manuscript, unaware of the fate it will play on all of them.

You can read the story here:  A Seasonal Endeavor